About Us

Operating since 2008, A-Grade Energy Limited provides a spectrum of photovoltaic solutions to clients, ranging from traditional solar panels to building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). We are the first company introducing Cadmium Telluride-based BIPV to HK.


Leading the CHANGE for a better tomorrow

It is very important to look to the future, and renewable energy will be very important to our society as our reserve for fossil fuels depletes. Solar and wind will play a very important role in ensuring our continuing increasing energy demand and providing a cost effective and Green solution.

One of the biggest pushbacks against Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is the lack of options for architects and designers. Fortunately, the most cutting-edge technologies in BIPV allows for different types of panels, providing options such as transparent, coloured, and even panels with stone and metal patters. JL Solar is working with these panels to ensure the building can be both attractive and energy efficient.

Mr. Jonathan Lamport

Founder of A-Grade Energy 

  • ​Chairman of Asia and Africa Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • Past President of Rotary Club of HK Island East
  • Director of Little Life Warrior Society
​Jonathan Lamport has worked with green energy for more than 10 years, beginning with LED lights and small PV modules, and later expanding his business into multi-panel photovoltaic deployment and wind energy.

Professor LO Yuk Lam

Senior Advisor of A-Grade Energy
  • Chairman, Food and Environmental Hygiene, Food and Health Bureau, Government Secretariat HKSAR
  • President, HK Bio-Med Innotech Assocation
  • Independent Director, Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (NASDAQ:SVA)
  • Independent Director, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (HKG:1093)
  • Independent Director, Luye Pharma Group Limited (HKG: 2186)
  • Chairman, GT Healthcare Capital Partners
  • Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Biotechnology Organiozation
  • Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong University of Scince and Technology
  • Council Member, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conferene in Jilin Province

Professor Lo Yuk Lam is a Scientific and Innovation senior advisor who also works as Chairman, Food and Environmental Hygiene, Food and Health Bureau, Government Secretariat HKSAR. He has extensive experience in biotechnology industry, corporate management, academic research and community service.

Dr. TSUI Kwong Hoi

Scientific Advisor of A-Grade Energy
  • CEO and founder of Sundial Technology Development Ltd.
  • Ph.D. Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in HKUST
  • Expert in nanomaterials for photovoltaics, environmental and dental applications
  • Honorary Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at HKU

Dr. TSUI obtained numerous environmental and business awards including the Champion of HKUST One Million Competition and also other awards in various technical competitions later with his innovation of anti-reflection and self-cleaning nanostructure film applied in photovoltaic (PV) devices. Dr. TSUI also applied his extensive knowledge in providing technical consultation and innovative solutions in various aspects.

Our Partners

With collective power, the partners of A-Grade Energy help contribute to leading the change for a better future.