Leading Green Tech Company in Hong Kong

Empowering through sustainable energy solutions for a greener future

An innovative approach, using a new method for green life.

A-Grade Energy Ltd is a green tech company and ESG pioneer based in Hong Kong that provides green energy solutions and develops green innovations.We have 3+1 main business streams: Thin-Film CdTe Solar Glass, Energy Storage system and EV Supercharging solutions, as well as Flow Battery under development.

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Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Since 2022, A-Grade Energy Ltd provides a spectrum of Green energy with photovoltaic solutions to clients, ranging from traditional solar panels to building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). We are one of the first company introducing Cadmium Telluride-based CdTe BIPV to HK. The Thin-Film CdTe Solar Glass could apply to wide range of BIPV such as Building Façade, Side Wall, Transparent Roof Top, Canopy, Bus/Train Stop, Covered Walkway, Curtain Walling, Noise Barriers, Architectural, Design and Glass railings.

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Our Partners

With collective power, the partners of A-Grade Energy help contribute to leading the change for a better future.