360KW Split DC charging stack (one for four)



Power sharing: in the future, it can meet the demand for high-power and rapid charging of electric vehicles, avoiding repeated investment caused by equipment upgrading and reconstruction or the reconstruction of charging stations.


  1. Flexible charging: Dynamically allocate charging power according to the charging requirements issued by the charging vehicle BMS, thereby improving the utilization rate of charging equipment.
  2. Highly integrated: A highly integrated system that integrates power conversion, dynamic power distribution, station level monitoring, orderly charging management, new energy generation and energy storage system access, cooling control, and integrated wiring.
  3. Smooth expansion:As the battery charging rate increases and the charging power demand increases, corresponding charging modules can be expanded to meet the charging
  4. Requirements: Rapid deployment: The charging stack has the characteristics of centralized and pre installed,
  5. Which can greatly save on-site installation and commissioning time and shorten the construction period.
  6. Energy saving and efficiency: Using efficient modules, the efficiency reaches over 95%.

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