AC charging pile

Reference: CKEV-AC11/AC22


Wall mounted/floor mounted single-phase AC slow charging pile is a high-end intelligent charging product for electric vehicles specifically launched for the European market. Self-service operation, suitable for various parking places requiring AC charging. The product provides safe, reliable stable and efficient charging services for electrical vehicles. User can complete charging, paying and other operations independently. 


  1. Modular structure, with higher reliability and flexibility;
  2. Overall efficiency ~ 95%, low energy consumption;
  3. Lowoperating noise, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment;
  4. Three product series, various capacity, configuration and installation solution available for selection.
  5. Applicable for multiple standards, such as CCS, CHADEMO,GB/T, and AC Type 2;
  6. Customization is available for diverse needs from different customers;
  7. Clear operation interface, multilingual operation, touchscreen display, applicable for open communication protocol OCPP.

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