The integration of photovoltaic power generation and building materials is an innovation of traditional building materials and revolution of photovoltaic industry.


After years of independent research and development led by Stanford University Alumni, we have developed the core technology for rapid coating equipment, superior product stability and high conversion efficiency, as well as the efficient and stable manufacturing process of CdTe PV module. CdTe thin film solar modules is the first PV product in China that was granted double certifications from CGC and VDE. Compared with c-Si solar modules, they generate more power in low irradiance, perform better in various weather conditions. They are safer, more friendly to environment, and have better appearance. We developed over 40 different power glass products, some of which can be tailored to different shapes, transparency, colours and patterns, others are heat insulated, soundproof, or combined with lighting and video capability. They are widely used in BIPV projects such as side-wall, roof top, glass house, bus/train stop, covered walkway, curtain walling and building façade, and suitable for architectural and design with green energy providing to our City.

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